Terms & condition

Our terms & conditions  

  • Vehicles are available on first come first serve basis.
  • EIGHTGOLD CO.,LTD exports new and used vehicles. Used cars may have some minor defects, therefore customers should understand that claim cannot be made as the vehicles aren't new.
  • Once we receive bank confirmation, we will then begin the processing of all necessary documents and shipping preparations.
  • Documents will be released after recieving the payment, and shipment depending on customer.
  • All vehicles' documentation, transportation, port services, custom inspection will be done from Japan only.
  • If a payment reaches us late then the vehicle will be sold to another customer.
  • All prices are negotiable as we prioritize customer satisfaction.
  • EIGHTGOLD CO., LTD. is not responsible of any damage occurred to the vehicle during and after it has reached the destination port.
  • EIGHTGOLD CO., LTD. do not accept any claim after 21 days of arrival.
  • In case of cancellation of a car, customer is required to buy a different car as money is not refundable.